“ I have never seen a really great businessman whose main motive was earning money”
Walther Rathenau (1867-1922), German industrialist and politician

Without doubt the name Bornemann is well-known in the textile label sector as the family Bornemann business is already in the third generation. However, today’s Bornemann-Etiketten GmbH was not founded until 01.01.2005 by Georg Bornemann. Nevertheless,  we see ourselves as a young firm with a fund of know-how and experience in textile labels.

Georg Bornemann:

Thanks to my parents, I grew up with textile labels. After successfully completing my training at the firm Steilmann and started working in my parents’ company we sold the company to the American concern Paxar in order to provide our firm with a secure foothold on the international market. But it soon became quite clear to me that the philosophy of such a concern did not correspond to the philosophy of a businessman, such as myself, running a medium-sized company, and so I decided to leave and risk a new start. A bold move because in such difficult economic times not all our business partners took it seriously. But it was worth it!

After starting up again in the new firm with 3 people 5 years ago, dealing in textile decorations we have succeeded in expanding and getting a good foothold in the market. In the meantime we now employ a staff of 57 and have a modern, fully integrated production facility including a weaving plant, printing facility, processing and finishing department, warehouse and forwarding department.     

It goes without saying that we too are concerned with optimisation of costs and increase in turnover, but we treat every customer in the same way, be they major customer or young designer. We do not see our strengths in price policies but in our service. By extending our staff in our company, a global network of subsidiaries in Asia and Turkey and creative and individual concepts we are now able to supply any large textile concern speedily and reliably.

The exceptional, customer-oriented concept for service including the development of exclusive products and the logistics centre rounds off the placement of a new and well-known brand.

Our approach is to generate growth in partnership with our customers. It is only by working together that goals may be achieved. That is why consistency, reliability and trust are the basis of business. Innovation and the courage to go new ways are also traditional values and at the same time necessities in running a modern business. In the last five years we have been very successful at providing our customers with just that.

It is important to me to create employment and jobs here in Germany, because I believe our region can be successful. The textile industry has a long tradition in Wuppertal and the surrounding area. Many of our suppliers and partners are based not so far away from us. I myself like living and working here.

By investing in a location in Germany we are not only endorsing our faith in the added value of producing in our own country, but also reviving the good old ‘trade mark’ “Made in Germany” with prices that are globally competitive. Often the best things are so near at hand. This investment means that jobs are created in the area and that young people have new perspectives open to them as far as training and qualifications are concerned.

Offering training to young people is something we take very seriously, because well-trained young staff represent the potential of the firm and the future of the German economy. Those fostering the development of young people to become experts and mature people do not only render their company a great service but also are investing in their immediate surroundings and a healthy society.

We work very closely together with our Chamber of Commerce and with considerable success e.g. we work in an honorary capacity as members of the board of examiners.

Our workforce is our potential. We consider it absolutely essential to believe in them, to take them seriously, to listen to their ideas and to offer them the opportunity to further themselves. This has resulted in closely knitted ties which contribute very much to the success of our firm, as everybody sees themselves as a part of the whole and is glad to take on responsibility. They alone improve the quality of our products, the working atmosphere and the service we offer to our customers. They are and represent the firm, our products and our philosophy as regards service. “It is the maxim to look at goals achieved and to evaluate them every day. To carry on developing aspects which are positive and to learn from those which are not.”

My door is always open and that is something the staff appreciate. 

Wuppertal, August 2010

Georg Bornemann

Operating profitably without exploiting people and the environment defines our firm’s energy policy.

Renewability is a top priority in our company and is part and parcel of our daily business, because only those who operate in such a way can ensure that they will prevail on a long term basis.

People have become increasingly discerning as far as energy policies are concerned and they can perceive with greater astuteness whether they are dealing with empty promises and merely pages and pages of formal declarations of intent, or on the other hand, strategies designed to achieve goals and which are implemented on a daily basis.

I, as head of the company, make every effort to set a good example and encourage our employees to eat healthily and do more sport etc.

Whether it be valuing the workforce, efficient operations or environmentally friendly production, the key factor has always been and is, harmonizing economy, ecology as well as social responsibility. That is not exactly easy, but thanks to the latest technological innovations there are always new opportunities.

These include the implementation of energy saving measures through fair and competitive behavior, to the reduction of waste materials in manufacturing, or the use of renewable or recycled raw materials in production.

Manufacturing processes and products are optimized so that resources are not wasted and the strain on the environment is reduced thus benefiting our customers. Our staff are always at the ready to suggest ways of improving this and these ideas are taken up and implemented wherever possible.

We only work with suppliers who do not subscribe to child labour and who observe and respect laws and regulations regarding workers’ rights. This is a major issue everywhere in the world especially in the textile industry. We also encourage active, individual involvement and in the region the reconciliation of family life with career should not involve too much bureaucracy.  

We have paid special attention to energy saving technologies and the implementation of ergonomic workplaces during the reorganization of our facility and are still very much involved in optimizing this further. This includes the installation of a heat recovery system and energy efficiency consulting.

We do not yet have an energy management system and are not yet certified according to ISO norms but nevertheless work (and live) sustainably and successfully – and not merely on paper but in reality.

In this modern age it is certainly possible to be environmentally friendly without having to give up our quality of life. And now you have this in writing. 

Wuppertal, 01.09.2012
Georg Bornemann

Bornemann-Etiketten GmbH produces labels of high quality. In doing this we combine well-tried tradition with creative spirit.

Our labels do not scratch because we use modern machinery and our staff pay particular attention to quality standards.

What is more we guarantee worldwide a consistent quality standard from the production to storage and distribution and then to your tailoring.

Environmental considerations are also important to us, starting with the purchase of our yarns, which are certified according to Ecotex Standard 100 and up to the use of water-soluble dies in our printing shop.

Furthermore we make sure that our business partners that social and ecological standards are adhered to.

Our extensive range offers you every possible alternative from one single source, since our products complement each other and are produced individually for you they can be employed synergically according to your requirements. Compile your own product range from woven label, hang tag, size label to safety label in a way that best suits your needs.

On request, we can also create a complete image packet with exclusive graphic design and logos and text conveying your statement about your products – an individual creation including corporate design. The result will underline your image, standing out from the crowd. All coming down to a small label with a big impact .

This kind of product design requires especially close cooperation with our customers. You can rely on us.