Experience has shown that due to the complexity of  labels, small orders tend to be very cost intensive as the costs of development have to be passed on to small quantities. There are no problems in producing minimal quantities. The minimum quantity is 5000 pieces / meters.

We produce on request the following articles:

woven ribbon, woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, embroideries, transfer labels, rubber labels, leather and imitation leather labels.

Please give some thought beforehand to the product you want us to make.

  1. Consider what it should look like and what dimensions it should have
  2. What material(s) it should be made of
  3. It might be a good idea to indicate for what purpose it is to be used so that we know whether it should be colour-fast or if it should be washable at (30, 40, 60 or 90°) and thus what is the best material to use.
  4. What quantities we will be producing. (minimum 5000 pcs./5000 m)
  5. If you have a drawing/picture for the design, please send it as well.

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