Sometimes it feels like highschool allover again: It seems we all have to learn how to speak a new language: digital transformation.

We are constantly working on 3D, digital productdevelopment, 3D-print und Rapid Prototyping for you. Over the past year, we were busy figuring out digital solutions, getting to know our "grammar and vocabulary".

Our strong focus was and will be: cooperating with you, trying to make your work-life easier. How can we support you in your daily business?

You will get more digital services from us in 2020. Digital Sampling, Rapid Prototyping and improved workflow by implementing our own cloud solution are just some examples for what we have planned.

We are looking forward to starting exciting projects with you. As with any new language, learning together will get us there the quickest!

Get in touch with our Innovation Manager Oliver Panzner, he is looking forward to a good exchange with you.

Oliver Panzner

Phone: +49 202 47897230