Bornemann’s embroidered emblems literally stand out from the crowd because the quality of these labels is not only visible but also tangible with your eyes closed. Due to the way they are made embroidered emblems have a strength of expression which will simply elevate your brand’s exclusivity and individuality. A flat embroidery will fit in perfectly within your collection’s overall look and with a 3D embroidered emblem your logo will really stand out.

Bornemann’s embroidered labels are not only optically absolute all-rounders. They are also washable up to 90°C if required, Ökotex certified up to Class 1 and even suitable for industrial laundry. To assist you in positioning your brand and product in relation to style and purpose we are able to offer you an enormous selection of materials, finishing technology and methods of production for your embroidered emblems. Give your imagination full rein and combine for example leather, felt, cord or satin with matt, metallic or velvety yarns We can produce anything from heavy duty flat embroidered emblems for police uniforms to chenille embroideries for cosy pyjamas. Have a look at some of our samples of embroidered labels as shown here and don’t hesitate to ask us about other possibilities.

Embroidered labels by Bornemann – not just for uniforms and work clothing

Bornemann’s flat embroidered labels stand out due to their high quality and versatility. With the perfect combination of base material, yarn, form and colour you will be getting a label which conveys your image with the greatest clarity. Due to their robust and classic qualities, flat embroidered labels are in great demand for accessories, uniforms and work garments. In addition they are ideal as brand labels for outdoor and streetwear where they fit perfectly into the picture radiating the dynamics of your brand.

Wide selection of base materials – cotton, felt, leather and much more

To give your flat embroidered labels the perfect look you can select what you need from our large range of materials. This means that combinations of woven textiles, cotton, leather, imitation leather, felt, cord, satin or velvet with matt, glossy, metallic, woolly, multi-coloured or chenille yarns are possible. If required we can overlock, add embroidered edges, iron-on backing or attach additional appliqués to your flat embroidered labels and much, much more. The choice of size and form is up to you so that your logo is presented in the best light. Our collection of samples will give you a small impression of the virtually limitless possibilities. Let us work together to fulfil your wishes and ideas.

Terry-look in your shapes and colours

Bornemann’s Chenille Embroidered Labels offer a soft and fluffy basis for your logo. They convey a sense of warmth, comfort and cosiness. The emblems are often to be found in sportswear and home textiles. The cuddly terrycloth-look is popular for bathrobes, towels and children’s collections. For particularly outstanding results we recommend using thicker yarns which will lend your motif an exclusive relief look. You have probably admired these kinds of embroideries on college blazers.


You have complete freedom of choice when it comes to colours, shapes, sizes and motifs. It goes without saying that we will be glad to support you, if you desire, with design of the layout as well as the selection of the basic materials and manufacturing processes.

Raise your Logo to new heights

With Bornemann’s three-dimensional embroidered labels your customers will have an uplifting experience. The plasticity of these labels results in a classy and sophisticated look and even makes the image of your brand tangible. As these labels are especially resilient they are ideally suited for exclusive textiles for sport and outdoors as well as high quality women’s and men’s outer garments.

Exceptional images in the customary high end quality

We achieve the 3D effect by using a foam filling with which we can elevate and emphasize the whole or just part of the motif. This means that you can even combine 3D embroidery with conventional embroidery We use the same yarns and base materials as in flat embroidery and so combinations of woven textiles, cotton, leather, imitation leather, felt, fleece, cord, satin with matt, shiny, metallic, woolly, multi-coloured or chenille yarns are all possible.