Hang tags

Your image depends on hang tags and so it is important to pay them special attention. As far as hang tags are concerned, Bornemann can offer you all the creative, qualitative and technical possibilities, starting with monochrome printing of product information on paper or card right up to exclusively designed eye catching tags which will animate people to take hold of them. Your goods will by excellently marked when using Bornemann’s hang tags, in addition we will design your tags specifically to go with your brand and product. The range of unlimited possibilities is shown in our collections and new ideas, sources of inspiration and styles are being added all the time. Let us advise you. Our experienced team is specialized in developing tailor-made products for you.

Hang tags are cleverly contrived promoters of brands

Hang tags are product signs which are attached to the goods’ exterior either by threads or other connectors. The hanging labels can have one or more surfaces and for example contain information about materials or price. They may also be designed specifically to be an eye-catcher, or to promote a brand and an incentive to purchase. Hang tags can be very variable in materials, size, form and character and are carefully designed to reflect the quality, style and price category of your product. Ideally they can be cleverly contrived promoters of brands.

Functional Hang Tags by Bornemann are simply great

As purely functional hang tags serving a basic purpose are our inexpensive paper and card tags which are primarily of informative character. They display details about the product and the manufacturer as stipulated by law and additionally offer space to show the price, commodity code and logo. But even here quality, design, format, printing or the thickness of the material are decisive whether customers perceive the tag as a nuisance or simply overlook it, or whether they consciously appreciate it as a fashionable additional component. Even the simplest Borneman products are simply great.

Bornemann turns hang tags into unique eye-catchers

If you want to win over fans for hang tags then you are at the right place with Bornemann. We design and produce hang tags so that they become an eye-catcher for your products. Elaborate labels with striking optical and haptic qualities will highlight the value of your brand and product. An individual hang tag with an additional purpose such as a voucher, key ring, a sticker to collect or a bottle opener may well affect the final decision on whether your product will be bought or not. Don’t be afraid to try out some crazy ideas. Our team at Bornemann is ready for anything – whether it be wood, textile, plastic, bamboo, metal or felt; printed, embroidered, flocked, holed or embossed; round, rectangular or oval – the sky is the limit as far as possibilities are concerned.

Classic hangtags in modern form

For this classic form of product labelling we can offer you, paper or card in various thicknesses, shapes, colours and by means of rough, smooth or structured surfaces we can increase the feel of your product. Bornemann produces card and paper hang tags by offset or silk screen printing processes. This means that you are completely free when creating the graphic design of a price tag. Our designers will be glad to assist you with latest trends and fresh ideas when developing your printed hang tag.

Flexibility in appearance – cut, punched, holed and much more

Furthermore, we can help you with further processing which will give your hang tag the perfect look. We cut, punch, hole, emboss, fold, thread, coat, laminate or combine materials so that what is normally considered standard product becomes an individual eye-catcher.

High quality, robust, striking

Due to their great diversity plastic materials, be they glossy, matt, modern, unconventional, elegant, colourful or even transparent, can speak volumes about your brand and be of great benefit. Plastic hang tags are much more resilient and resistant than hang tags of paper or card and thus impart a greater sense of value. In combination with wood, metal or textiles the material conveys an expressive combination of contrasts.

Impressively three-dimensional, stunningly precise

Plastic enables precise and subtle three dimensional effects to be achieved which would hardly be possible using any other material. It goes without saying that we are also able to supply tags of plastic sheet which we can print (offset or silk screen) in any colours. You are totally free in respect to colours, shape, size and finishing when creating your label. Our designers will glad to create a work of art for you using artificial materials.

Textile diversity, also as hangtag

Whether it be cord, felt, silk, cotton, nylon or synthetic fabric – each woven material has its own language. It can come rustic, gentle, elegant, sporty, classical or modern. With Bornemann’s textile hang tags you will be ensuring that your product and your brand express individuality and exclusivity. Choose from Bornemann’s wide range, the material which conveys your message best.


Or on the other hand combine textiles with other materials so as to catch even more attention. We can print logos, lettering, motifs and graphics on the base material and also can offer countless options for the further processing textile tags e.g. threading, trimming or punching.

Combinations of materials make the impossible, possible

Our specials give you an impression of the infinite possibilities when it comes to creating and producing hang tags. Here you can see some of the custom-made articles and striking innovations which have proved possible by combining materials, special processing, shape, size and design thus achieving unconventional and yet positive results. Give free rein to your imagination. Bornemann makes what is seemingly impossible, possible. We have an enormous selection of basic materials ranging from metal, cork, cord, cardboard, wood, foam material or felt through to textiles, plastics or even raffia. We use these raw materials either on their own or in combination with each other according to your requirements.


In the case of further processing - flexibility, innovation and diversity are Bornemann’s top priorities. We cut, punch, hole, emboss, fold, thread, glue, coat or laminate your hang tags. And we look forward to each and every new creative and technical challenge.