Leather can stand for elegance, sturdiness, style, exclusivity, down to earth attitudes and a closeness to nature. By definition imitation leather is not a natural product but enjoys the same image as a real leather label and considerable advantages over the latter.
Artificial leather tags win through price, quality and wide range of applications
Your imitation leather labels will look really great without any animals having to suffer and without the use of tanning agents which are so detrimental to the environment. The artificial leather is processed and designed by applying a layer of synthetic material (normally polyurethane) onto a textile base material.

Imitation leather labels can exhibit a wide range of properties depending on the application intended, such as sturdiness, durability or suppleness. Due to industrial manufacture consistent quality and appearance are guaranteed, something which cannot be said for real leather. In addition, imitation leather is less expensive, is easier to wash and look after and is available in certified Ökotex quality.

Any kind of leather can be reproduced and any style from technical to animal. Above all, you can really lay it on thick when choosing colours, form and design and give your imagination full rein. In addition we can print, emboss or laser-engrave imitation leather tags with your logo or combine it with other materials. One top feature of laser engraving is the possibility of serial labelling as is normally the case with limited editions. This means that you could, for instance, mark your jeans collection individually one by one.

You are free to decide whether we punch out, hole or thread your polyurethane labels but as a general rule, imitation leather labels are normally sewn on. However, we can also supply with an iron-on coating or with a self-adhesive surface. There are simply so many ways of designing and processing imitation leather labels and we will glad to advise you in making the right decision