Whether it be decorative labels or purely functional product labelling – Bornemann offers you an enormous scope for producing printed labels. With Bornemann you are as free as possible to be in control of the design, quality and also the price factor.
Printed labels come in the form of decorative labels, or those for branding and also care instructions. We are able to print and combine nearly any material in any colour. And in the process, fully comply with your wishes as far as appearance, quality and production costs are concerned.

Bornemann’s printing techniques – impressively versatile
At Bornemann a wide variety of printing techniques are at your disposal to meet the resilience and washing properties required. We can offer you offset-, digital-, silkscreen or flexographic printing. We can ensure that your printed labels will have the perfect look and a long service life by using optimally suited printing processes.
Allow us to inspire you with our wide range of colours, shapes, materials and technical options. Our experienced team at Bornemann is specialized developing in tailor-made product for you. We will be glad to advise you.

Small editions, great effects

In the digital printing process we can achieve motifs which require a very high resolution or which are even intended to have photorealistic character. By using this technology, lettering can be shaded or 3D effects created thus putting your logo directly in the limelight and making it representative for your brand.

Digital Printing – a strong statement with low printing costs

As we transfer the data directly from the computer to the printing machine when digitally printing, no actual printing templates or printing plates are involved. This is in sharp contrast to offset printing and means that setup costs can be greatly reduced. This is why digital printing can be recommended for smaller quantities and limited editions. Digital printing technology gives you the freedom to work very flexibly with variable data and without having to be concerned about costs. For example you can combine various motifs in one order or, carry out alterations at short notice without any problems.

Digital Printing by Bornemann – the best results thanks to the best advice

Bornemann’s team of experts will be glad to explain to you which materials are suited for digital printing. Depending on your wishes our specialists will be able to advise you which printing techniques are most applicable for your purposes.

Durable, punchy, diverse

If your labels are to not only be visible but to stand out of the crowd, screen printing is the perfect process for you. This technique brings colours to life, are lets them shine in the dark or become more voluminous and shiny.
Screen printed labels are especially in demand wherever the labels are going to be subjected to extreme mechanical strain. Furthermore, they are to be highly recommended where exclusive and sophisticated designs are required.


We can print any material using screen printing, but not every material is suited to the purpose you intend. Our product managers will be glad to advise which materials and printing techniques are most applicable for you.

Best results for size and care labels

We recommend flexo-printing for the production of practical size and care labels as well as simple labels as mass-produced goods. This fast and inexpensive process can be used for all fabrics and basic materials. In addition multi-coloured motifs and different letterings are possible using this technique.


Our product managers will be glad to give comprehensive advice in finding the perfect label material and the optimum printing technique and which is ideally suited to your creative work and the purpose it is intended for.

Variable printed labels are commonly used for care and size labels, brand labels and labelling for the purposes of logistics. If you wish to have your labels printed with variable data you can use our textile base materials. There is a wide range of coated ribbon for the most stringent industrial washing requirements, uncoated ribbon with cut or sewn edges, polyester satin, nylon and much much more.

Our experts will be glad to advise you and please ask us about our label printing service.