Woven ribbons and piping constitute the final exclusive trimming to your collection. They are extremely popular as decorative ribbon, trouser waistbands, ribbons for presents or also as collar inlays. Depending on the purpose intended we can weave in motifs and lettering as well print directly onto the material itself using screen print or flexo-print processes. The quality of the ribbons and piping is immediately obvious and should remain evident in the case of long term contact to the skin. For such purposes we recommend using ribbons and piping with woven edges or those where ultrasonic cutting techniques have been used in order to avoid unpleasant skin irritation.

Contact us about the purpose your product is intended for and the individual requirements for the ribbons and piping. In this way our experts can advise you about the basic materials, printing processes and the other optimum production techniques in order to achieve perfect results.

Ribbons in taffeta, HD- or satin quality

We can offer you woven ribbons and piping in non-elastic or elastic qualities. If you decide to order high definition quality we produce this using a higher weft density and thinner yarn thus enabling us to create filigree and detailed motifs with the highest definition. In addition to the basic colour you can have up to seven colours when designing your logos and lettering.

Ökotex Standard 100 Class 1 in best workmanship in continuous production

The ribbons and piping are of 100% polyester and are washable up to 60°C without suffering any loss in quality. It goes without saying that we use yarns of Ökotex quality which are kind to your skin. In cases where there is long term contact with the skin we recommend using woven edges or edges cut with ultrasonic technology which results in softer edges which are hardly noticeable when worn in contact with your body. Polyester satin ribbon and piping have an especially smooth and soft surface and are therefore very comfortable to wear next to the skin. They are available in various basic colours in matt and robust qualities as well a glossy version which appears thinner and more flexible. Furthermore tubular fabric is also available. Depending on your requirements, the finished ribbons and piping are available on rolls or folded, cut or laser cut to shape. Our team will be glad to advise you so as to find the tailor-made solution which best suits your manufacturing processes

We print your motif onto satin, cotton, nylon & much more.

Printed ribbon and piping are the perfect image bearers and lend an individual expression to your collection and also offer you a greater degree of freedom when it comes developing your creative ideas. Any textile base material is suitable for printing on. But not every fabric will convey the impression you wish to have for your collection. Therefore the choice of the right material is absolutely essential in order to achieve perfect results which comply with your wishes and requirements. We will of course be glad to advise you when you make your selection.


You have complete freedom when it comes to selecting the motifs and the arrangement of colours. In addition the form and shape of the printed ribbon and piping are entirely up to you. We can laser out forms or fold the labels. Talk to our experts about your wishes and they will certainly find a tailor-made solution for you.