Textile labels have by now become much more than merely a small, informative cloth tag. They are now woven ambassadors for brands. Bornemann’s woven labels underline the sophistication, the quality and the style of your products by the selection of optimum materials, perfect design and first class workmanship. Textile labels are available from Bornemann as taffeta labels, high definition (HD) labels or satin labels. Our latest collection will give you some idea of the great variety of possibilities.
Woven labels are the textile branding for your product line. Woven labels are produced from yarn and we manufacture them exactly according to your profile of requirements so that you receive a completely individual textile label at the end. The selection of material, style, design, size, choice of colours and quality of the weaving are all up to you. Our professional staff will be glad to advise you at any time. We use only the best yarns, high-quality technology and innovative weaving techniques.

We will be glad to show you some of the variable possibilities for finishes and layouts. If required woven labels can be coated, folded (end, middle, diagonal, Manhattan etc.), covered with fleece, coated with iron-on or adhesive backing or laser-cut to size. You can decide yourself whether we deliver the labels on rolls, or cut in cartons or plastic bags. We will be glad to recommend the best solution which will enable you to optimally integrate this into your production processes. The specifications for labels always depend on the purpose they are intended for, such as aesthetic, technical and statutory factors, as well as of course purely practical aspects and last but not least economic targets.

Taffeta Woven Labels

Taffeta is a way of weaving which gives the material a rigid ribbed structure which thereby strengthens it. Although the fabric is plain and cost-effective it is nevertheless characterized by its durability and its resilience. That is why our robust and inexpensive taffeta labels have successfully established themselves in the working clothes sector.

Taffeta Woven Labels are kind to the skin and durable

We manufacture taffeta labels from 100% polyester in skin friendly quality and in accordance with Ökotex Standard 100, class 1. This material is washable up to 60°C. Scratching and abrasion of the label is prevented by professionally processing the edges of the ribbon. Irritation of the skin is prevented by ultrasonic cutting or heat cutting the edges of the ribbon. This is why taffeta labels can be worn comfortably close to the skin without any problems.

For a resolute Brand message: individual textile labels in taffeta

In addition to the basic colour you can use up to seven additional colours when designing your individual taffeta label, for example having your own logo placed on the woven label. When manufacturing with a low warp density a medium or thicker yarn can be used, which is why we recommend taffeta for motifs with not too many details.

HD Labels

We produce high definition labels, also known as HD labels with thin yarns and a medium to high warp density and thereby achieve with these textile labels a much higher resolution. More complex or filigree patterns, graceful lettering or logos can be reproduced in HD quality. We use yarns in 100% polyester in Ökotex standard 100, class 1, which is kind to the skin and ideally suited for babies’ and children’s garments. The textile labels are washable up to 60°C without any loss in quality. By means of a special process during treatment of the selvedge there is no scratching or abrasion of the labels, so that they are suitable for long term contact with the skin.

Tailor-made solutions for individual woven labels

With Bornemann’s HD labels you have chosen sophisticated labels in the mid to upper price segments. When designing you have eight colours at your disposal including the basic colour. In addition we can offer labels in HD quality as tubular fabric. The name Bornemann stands for flexible and individual solutions. From design through finishing, right up to the packaging we can put together a service packet you will find hard to resist.

Satin Labels

We manufacture woven labels in satin quality with a woven edge which ensures high wearing comfort. A satin label is typified by a soft and smooth surface and is ideally suited for textiles where direct and frequent contact to the skin is involved. That is why these silky soft labels are used above all for babies’ clothing and labelling for lingerie.

Satin woven labels are elegant eye-catchers

An especially high warp density using light or dark yarns enables wonderful effects to be possible and is also why these textile labels are elegant and glossy eye-catchers. To achieve optimum results we use a maximum of three or four colours when producing labels with woven edges. Please also note that the width for satin labels is limited. It goes without saying that Bornemann’s satin labels are made of high quality yarns which feel good next to the skin and are in accordance with Ökotex standard 100, class 1.