BRN.CREATE Our digital product development

We design product development digitally for you. You already have visuals that are to be implemented as labeling? Simply send us the data by e-mail or upload them to our cloud. You will receive the designs from us as a 3D layout, so that even elaborate products are visible down to the smallest detail of their implementation.

This enables quick corrections in the first step. Textile surface simulations are also easily feasible for this purpose. Through our in-house 3D-printing, you will receive initial samples for viewing and testing purposes upon request.

Benefits of BRN.CREATE


Results are visible immediately


Easily influence processes at any time
Ein Sparschwein mit angedeutetem Geld oben drüber


Visualization before production

Realizing products promptly and sustainably

Through the digitization of product development, your articles will be realized promptly, cost-effectively and sustainably. Since physical patterns are initially omitted, the development cycles are much shorter. You are intensively and directly involved in the development and can exert influence at any time. You always remain flexible by creating several variants and receive clear results through 3D data.

Here is an example from the workwear area


We can provide you with the 3D layout of your labeling in .obj and .stl formats so that you can immediately use the items in your digital editing programs. In addition, we offer you the possibility of rapid prototyping via our in-house 3D printing.

We offer the various areas of BRN.CREATE in different packages at a reasonable price and tailored to your needs.

Take a look at examples of digital product development from the area of workwear.

Example Workwear

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