BRN.SHOP Our innovative solution for your orders

The webshop with integrated product configurator can be used via any web browser and is the digital label solution for handling your variable print data. The combination of both optimizes your order processing for hangtags, carelabels and many other items.

We guarantee the highest level of security and data integrity through complete in-house programming of the software and servers in Germany.

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Benefits of BRN.SHOP

Customized design

Carry your brand to the outside

Uniform quality

Uniform layouts worldwide thanks to central data management in Germany

High time saving

Configure up to 50 labels simultaneously


Optimal utilization of the material due to labels that grow with the material

Global production locations

Manufacturing of your products at the point-of-use

Full control

Review of the ordering behavior of your clothing manufacturers
Customized label design

Customized label design

Individually tailored to your brand. Determine the design of your items once. The size of the label should always be the same or adapt to the amount of text? You decide which data is fixed and which is variable.

All variable components of the labels can be entered directly in the ordering process by your producers. It is also possible to upload tables from the purchaser's ERP system to create multi-page PDF's with vector graphics.

Examples: Material composition, care instructions, image material, individual EAN and/or QR codes, upload of images for hangtag printing.

Uniform quality and sustainable processes

You choose your desired quality from a variety of basic materials, sustainable materials are also possible.

Short distances thanks to proximity to your producer, optimum utilization of the material thanks to double-sided printing, and automatic, efficient determination of space requirements ensure a high level of sustainability for you. This applies not only to the choice of material, but also to the processing of orders.

The layout as well as all available data is defined by you at the beginning, thus the information is always uniformly and correctly implemented.

Examples: Positioning of text, logo and images, translations, font type, font size, quality standard, material.

More about sustainability

High time saving

Simple and intuitive operation gives you the ability to quickly complete orders with variable data. The label layouts are generated directly in the ordering process in seconds. Via the upload of Excel files, even up to 50 products can be configured simultaneously.

It is also possible to integrate the system into existing processes so that the generated data can also be used for in-house printing of their labels.

Your benefits: 24/7 availability, use from any location, order status viewable, overview of all orders, less rework in quality management, reordering of existing labels



The BRN.SHOP is available in several languages ​​(German, English, Turkish) and the order is automatically forwarded to the desired location.

Our production sites in Germany, China, India, Turkey and Lithuania, together with our global logistics concept, offer maximum flexibility and availability.

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