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Hangtags - The flagship of your brand

Pay special attention to your hangtags, they can significantly contribute to the purchase decision! We offer a wide range of creative, qualitative and technical options, depending on whether you want your hangtag to be functional, informative or elaborate with a striking look and innovative added value. The hangtag reflects your brand's quality, style and price point like no other product label.

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What are the types of hangtags?

There is no universal production process for hangtags. The desired material is printed or woven, punched out and finished with a cord or thread. Also, attaching the hangtags directly to the clothes is widely used. With extensive material and production options, hangtags are tailored to your brand statement down to the smallest detail.

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What materials can be used for hangtags?

There are a variety of options. Classic materials are paper or cardboard in various grammages. Hang tags can also be implemented in the form of a textile fabric, leather/imitation leather, plastic or other alternatives. Of course, we can also offer you sustainable materials. For example, how about a hangtag made from sugar cane, bamboo, seed, corn or hemp paper? Due to multiple layers, many materials can be combined well. This has a wonderful effect, especially with high-contrast qualities.

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Sustainable Hantags from Bornemann

Sustainability plays a major role in hangtags, as they are a "disposable" item in the classic sense. Take a look at our sustainable portfolio begreen, there you will find many inspirations for environmentally friendly materials, not only in the hangtag sector.

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What is the function of a hangtag?

Is it purely about presenting your brand, should the hangtag contain variable data in the form of price, size or the material composition? In the best case, your tag has other additional functions that give it another meaning and purpose, independent of the actual product: bookmark, embedded seed, keychain, notepad, etc. Your brand thus accompanies your customer in other areas of everyday life and catches the eye.

If you are particularly concerned about sustainability and still want to provide your customer with a lot of information on the hangtag, it doesn't necessarily have to be printed there. Simply use our digital solution BRN.SMART and insert, for example, a smart tag with QR code.

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Hangtags – The flagship of your brand

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