Textile labels

Textile labels

Textile labels from Bornemann

Textile labels are as diverse as they are unique. Woven labels convey your brand message individually, depending on the production technique. For textile labels in lingerie and loungewear, motifs can be woven with high wefts and filigree, while coarse structures are used for labels for outdoor and workwear.

In addition to many global locations, label production also takes place directly in Wuppertal. We use mainly recycled polyester yarns. We do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

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How are textile labels from Bornemann produced?

The labels are made on broadlooms and needle looms, from recycled polyester, conventional polyester or even cotton. Depending on the requirements, the edges of the labels can be cut or woven. Special ultrasonic techniques make even cut edges soft and supple.

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How are textile labels from Bornemann produced?
What are the possible layouts for labels?

What are the possible layouts for labels?

The presentation of the finished labels depends entirely on the customer's requirements: cut, folded (end fold, center fold, Manhattan fold ...) on a roll, lasered, with iron-on coating, with finishes in various designs (low-shrinkage, flame-retardant, write-resistant ...).

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Colors and yarn of your textile labels

Labels can be woven in up to eight (fixed) colors, or as a photoweb, where, similar to 4-color printing, the colors of the image are mixed from basic colors.

There are a variety of yarns that can be used in different thicknesses: Matt, glossy, metallic, cotton or polyester, reflective, flame retardant, iridescent, etc.. Depending on the label, different weft densities are used (high weft density: fine, filigree motifs, higher priced, low weft density: coarser, lower priced).

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Colors and yarn of your textile labels

What are the printing methods for textile labels?

We offer print labels on woven background, cotton, cotton/polyester blend, recycled base materials, satin, organza and many more. We print textile labels using flexographic printing, screen printing, offset printing, digital printing, relief printing and sublimation printing.

The number of possible colors varies depending on the material and printing method. Our textile labels can be processed with various effect colors, for example: matte, glossy, reflective, relief, glitter and also with fragrance colors.

What are the printing methods for textile labels?


Variable data printing of carelabels and hangtags is handled easily and quickly via our BRN.SHOP and the integrated product configurator.

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Examples of our textile labels

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