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Sustainable labels at Bornemann

Ecology is close to our hearts. That is why we are committed to sustainable material cycles and minimize our ecological footprint by using sustainable materials in our products.

We have collected detailed information about what makes our products sustainable in our sustainability folder "be green". In it, we explain the composition, processing and origin of materials, among other things. You can access a preview of our sustainability folder here.

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Sustainability as a principle of our actions.

„Be green“ is reflected both in our product range and in our daily work processes.

To further anchor sustainability and CO2 minimization in our corporate philosophy, we have established „be green“ as a brand standpoint for us. When we talk about heat recovery, climate-neutral shipping, green power and digital process solutions to conserve resources, we think be green.

Why sustainable labels?

Awareness and requirements of customers and markets are increasing. On the one hand, there is a need for action due to socio-cultural, economic and political requirements.

On the other hand, it is also our own demand to continuously find new, resource-saving materials and to design production processes sustainably.

We would like to pass on this awareness.

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Resource-saving materials

For all label categories in our product worlds, we offer particularly sustainable variants in addition to the established standards.

These include, for example, recycled polyester for textile labels, bamboo paper for hangtags and pineapple leather for imitation leather labels.

Resource-saving materials
How do we make our processes sustainable?

How do we make our processes sustainable?

Nearshoring for logistics: Our global network enables us to set up logistics concepts in a more sustainable way. We shorten transport distances through local production facilities.

Production and administration: We reduce our ecological footprint by using green electricity and a heat recovery system (saving approx. 30% CO2 emissions). Thanks to our document management system, we also avoid unnecessary paper waste.

Sustainability through digital services

Sustainability through digital services

With the help of our digital services VENTURE UP, many of our processes are becoming more sustainable. With BRN.CREATE we save sample and transport costs through digital product development. In this way, we can also display more variants more quickly and flexibly. 3D data ensure clear results. We achieve less rework via BRN.SHOP with our product configurator. Here we save time through immediate, automated layout creation and pre-determination of materials and production facilities.

Together we will find sustainable solutions

Are you looking for sustainable solutions for your labeling? Then you are right with us! We would be happy to provide you with an overview of the current options. Just send us a short email!

Together we will find the right solution for your brand.


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