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Are you at the beginning of your career and unsure where your path will take you? We have just the right thing for you!

With us, you can expect exciting and varied tasks during your training as well as promising prospects for the future.

Your reach will be enormous - did you know that Bornemann labels can be found on many items of clothing and products that you come across every day? From clothing for men, women and children to bags, shoes, workwear, furniture and cars - our labels are synonymous with quality and innovation for large and small brands alike.

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Heidi Volkmann

Head of Human Ressources
+49 202 / 38 444 - 140
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This is what you can expect

During your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with all departments of the company and try out different activities. You will be part of the team right from the start and will be fully integrated.

You will even have the opportunity to work independently from your home office. All in all, you can expect a great team that will support you and make it easier for you to enter the world of work.

Do you still have questions? No problem - take a look at our FAQ or get in touch with us!

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Bornemann Weberei Made in Germany

This is us

We supply our customers wherever they need us. Thanks to our global network, we always offer the best solution when it comes to product labelling.

Our development centre is located in our head office in Wuppertal, from where we manage and monitor global label programmes.

We also recognise the importance of digitalisation for companies and support our customers with innovative solutions to optimise their work processes and save time and resources.

Your contact persons

Your trainer is Heidi Volkmann, Head of Human Resources. As part of the management team, she is responsible for everything to do with personnel, training and further education as well as administration. If you have any questions, she will be happy to answer them for you. Together with the training officers from all departments, she will accompany you on your way to a successful final examination.
Below you will also find information on the training officers, who will briefly explain why this area is important to them.

Heidi Volkmann, Head of HR

"I want to train because I would like to pass on my passion for the textile industry. I really enjoy my work and I enjoy explaining the processes and sharing and exchanging my knowledge with others. It's important to me to be there for trainees as a point of contact, support or confidant so that they can always turn to me with questions or concerns."

Christina zur Nieden
Account Manager

"I find it very important to pass on my knowledge and experience to hopefully future young colleagues. It is a wonderful opportunity to convey not only my personal values, but also the values of the company. I firmly believe that we can build a strong community by sharing knowledge and values."

Stefanie Beimborn
Account Manager

Benefits from Bornemann

As a traditional company, we take responsibility and offer our employees attractive benefits.

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Stay mobile in a climate-friendly way
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Continuing education

Qualification made easy
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Working from home
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Employer-funded pension

Our contribution to your pension
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Flexible working time models

Combine family and work
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Office dogs welcome

Bring your dog to work
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Health and occupational medicine

E.g. support for caring for relatives
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Ergonomic workstations

Protect the body
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30 days paid vacation per year

Create a work-life balance

Punctual salary payment

Secured income

No dress code

Work and feel good

Voices of the trainees

"What I particularly appreciate about my training at Bornemann-Etiketten is the great relationship with my colleagues. I was always made very welcome and everyone always took a lot of time to explain everything to me so that I could quickly work independently."

Max Rutten

Voices of the trainees

"What I associate with training at Bornemann is that you are listened to, even as an apprentice. Everything to do with the training is looked after in an exemplary manner and you are also looked after as a person. As an apprentice here, I felt welcomed by everyone from day 1. Because even as an apprentice, you're part of the team, everyone around you makes you feel that way and it's just so much fun so far."

Celina Dax

"My apprenticeship was four years ago and I associate it above all with "support". There was always support from my trainer Mrs Volkmann, the factory training and the kind and helpful colleagues in all departments. Even after my training, there have been many opportunities and chances for further development for me since then. I have fond memories of this time and would describe Bornemann as a very good training company!"

Nina Springorum
Project Manager

Nina Springorum, Project Manager

"When I started working at Bornemann during my time at school, I quickly realised what it was like to be part of a fantastic and helpful team. So the decision to do an apprenticeship at Bornemann was a no-brainer! I was fully integrated right from the start and was given a great deal of trust. This enabled me to quickly work independently. And the fact that labels are still produced here in Wuppertal, which I see every day in various industries, simply inspired me. Today, I am proud to work as a marketing manager in the company. And the best thing is: I co-founded this department!"

Nathalie Lux
Marketing Manager


  • What is my job as an industrial clerk at Bornemann?

    After your apprenticeship, your task will be to plan, implement, evaluate and optimise the operational processes in the various departments independently and on your own responsibility. That’s why you will learn live in practice from the first day of your apprenticeship with us.

  • What departments are there at Bornemann?

    The best way to answer this question is to look at a customer order: When a customer needs a label, this enquiry first ends up in our sales department, which consists of internal and external sales staff. From there, if necessary, it goes to design, where we ensure that the label looks particularly good and fulfils all requirements. If it is a woven label, it goes from there to our production department, i.e. to the actual loom. The labels are then cut and folded during further processing, the finished product arrives at our logistics centre and is sent to the customer. Finally, the accounting department writes the invoice and the process is complete. There are also other departments that help to ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time, such as Purchasing, Marketing, IT and HR.

  • How many people work at Bornemann?

    Our team currently consists of 47 colleagues, plus up to 6 office dogs (whether they work is debatable…)

  • Are there any other trainees apart from me?

    At the moment we have one trainee per year, so there are always 2 – 3 people in training and therefore supporting each other. Occasionally, retrainees and interns complete the team.

  • When is the best time to apply?

    At any time if we have aroused your curiosity and you think you would like to join our team. Training starts on 1 August of each year. Our aim is to allocate the possible training places in the spring so that both you and we know what the next steps are.

  • What is the best way to apply?

    Please send an e-mail to, a short covering letter, your CV and copies of any certificates as PDF attachments. If there are other topics that are important to you, e.g. information about an internship, voluntary work, hobby, etc., you are also welcome to send us the relevant documents.

  • How does the application process work and how long does it take?

    Once we have received your application, we will read it carefully and get back to you shortly. First impressions count – this applies to both sides. If your application arouses our curiosity and we would like to get to know you, we will meet you for a personal interview. This will give you the opportunity to ask your questions, get to know our team and take a tour of the company. We will discuss the next steps together and you will receive your apprenticeship contract to sign shortly if it is a good match between us.

  • Can my parents also get an impression of the company?

    Of course. If you are under 18, your parents will definitely be present at the interview. If you are over 18, you decide for yourself whether this is important to you. Parents are often good counsellors, so we look forward to meeting your parents too.

  • Is there a probationary period?

    The training contract corresponds to the IHK template and includes a probationary period of 4 months.

  • Who is my contact person?

    Our trainer is Heidi Volkmann, who is also a member of the management team and is responsible for HR, training and administration. She will be happy to answer your questions and, together with the training officers from all departments, will accompany you on your way to a successful final examination.

  • How long does the apprenticeship take?

    The apprenticeship usually lasts 3 years, but with the appropriate qualifications it may be possible for you to take the examination at the IHK Wuppertal after just 2.5 years.

  • Where will my vocational school be?

    For industrial clerks, the weekly vocational school takes place at the Berufskolleg Elberfeld. You are welcome to take a look at their website to get a better impression. The school offers theoretical lessons in the subjects of business processes, commercial management and control (KSK), IT, German, English, economics and politics.

  • What are my working hours?

    We have a 40-hour week and work 8 hours a day from Mon – Fri. The starting time for trainees depends on the respective department or the timetable of the vocational school. Due to flexitime, we start at around 7.30 am.

  • Is it easy to get to Bornemann by public transport?

    It could hardly be better, as the bus stop is right in front of our entrance. As we are located in an industrial area with many different companies, buses on route 646 run here regularly. There are plenty of parking spaces for cyclists, motorcyclists and car drivers.

  • What other benefits are there?

    Here you can find all Bornemann benefits, from the company bike to the company pension scheme.

  • Is there a canteen at Bornemann?

    We don’t have a canteen with a ready-made lunch like the canteen, but…
    There are 5 meeting points with kitchens and seating areas where colleagues can meet during their break to eat the food they have brought with them or to enjoy a pizza they have ordered, for example.

  • What happens after my apprenticeship?

    Our aim is to offer you an interesting job that suits you after you have successfully completed your training so that we can work together as a good team in the long term. As you never stop learning in life, we offer every employee career opportunities within the company or individual further training, even after their apprenticeship. If you are interested, this can also take the form of evening studies, for example, which we support financially.

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