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Project Manager IT
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From digital to physical in just one click


BRN.IMPULSE shows you current trends and new developments in the field of product labeling.

We develop our collections based on international trends and work with trend platforms such as WGSN, do regular store checks and get inspired by market observations and collaboration with our customers and suppliers.

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What products do we have in our portfolio?

BRN.IMPULSE gives you an uncomplicated and comprehensive overview of our product portfolio in the areas of: Woven labels, Hangtags, Plastic labels, Metal labels, Printed labels, Ribbons and piping, Imitation labels, Printer supplies, Embroidery labels, Transfers.

In addition, you will find our sustainable products clearly arranged in a separate section.

Our labeling programs are aimed at a wide range of industries, such as womenswear, menswear, outdoor, lingerie, sportswear and streetwear.

What products do we have in our portfolio?

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