Our mission:

Always offering our customers the best possible solution to get their brand out there.

Achieving top performances day after day - that is our mission, our motivation and our self-image. Driven by a passion for performance, we do everything we can to enable our customers to achieve their goals. In order to be able to achieve this requirement in the best possible way, we think beyond borders, question the status quo and use all our experience. For us, quality is non-negotiable. On the contrary: With all our know-how, we work every day to become a little bit better.

Our vision:

The horizon, that we want to reach together.

We offer our customers professional services of the highest quality. Advice, products and services at the highest level form the basis for sustainable and secure growth - our customers benefit from our individually tailored value-added services. With targeted innovations in the areas of products and services, we improve the competitiveness of our customers. In all of this, we act sustainably as a strong community that consistently stands up for one another.

Brand Essence


With passion and commitment, we work every day to offer our customers products and services that leave nothing to be desired. Our passion for excellent performance shapes our actions and motivates us as a community to grow a little bit beyond ourselves every day. We are firmly convinced that the success of our company is based on our passionate commitment and enthusiasm for breaking new ground. As a result, this understanding not only helps us to appear as a powerful community, but also enables our company to grow sustainably.

Performance orientation

Core Value

Performance orientation

We are expressly committed to the performance principle. As a core element of our brand, our focus on performance is an unchanging feature of our company - performance is, in a sense, the foundation of our brand. We regard the willingness to perform as a prerequisite for being able to act successfully. We are pursuing our goals in an ambitious, committed and collaborative manner. Looking ahead, we discover opportunities and spot trends to shape markets. On the basis of our competence and with a performance-oriented approach, we advance what already exists, discover new things and implement individual solutions.

Orientation Value


The strength of our community is a key factor that drives our brand. As a company, we strive for a sustainable sense of community with customers, partners and employees. That brings a sense of togetherness with which we can successfully master the challenges of the future. And not only that: Fair treatment in the community enables sustainable growth and ensures that ambitious goals are achieved. On the basis of functioning teams, ideas and solutions are created that make our customers successful. As a value-based organization, we stand up for each other, fight together and celebrate successes together.


Trend Value


Our focus and attention are always directed towards the future. With dynamic and progressive thinking, we shape the challenges we face today and in the future. Active, dynamic and solution-oriented, we face the rapid developments and fast trends in the markets. What sets us apart is our ability to adapt flexibly to changing conditions. With speed in thinking and acting, as well as courage and determination, we are paving the way to a secure future. This approach opens up opportunities for us that we use to create value.

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Neo-ecology plays a crucial role for us, as topics such as sustainability, recycling and climate protection affect us all. At Bornemann, we are actively committed to sustainable cycles and strive to continuously reduce our ecological footprint.

Since 2014, we have been focussing on environmentally friendly alternatives such as electric cars, hybrid cars and job bikes for our vehicle fleet. Thanks to our heat recovery system, we can save around 30% of CO2 emissions by channeling the heat generated by the compressors into our heating system. Another goal is the paperless office, which we are driving forward with our document management system.

Are you looking for sustainable solutions for your labelling? Then you've come to the right place. We are constantly evolving and always striving for new environmentally friendly qualities.

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Connectivity is our theme, as we believe in networking and digitalization for better communication and collaboration.

Bornemann stands for modern digital connectivity, open and transparent communication and collaborative partnership. We are networked, digital and cooperative. This means that we are constantly developing and finding innovative solutions to provide our customers with the best possible support.

Our positive attitude drives us to always look for new ways to strengthen the connection between people and achieve common goals.

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Globalization shapes our company, Bornemann, which sees itself as a global company with local responsibility and a strong social commitment.

We are internationally positioned, but at the same time deeply rooted in the regional culture. This diversity makes us a multicultural company that is proud to be at home in the world and at the same time at home in Germany. No matter where we operate, social commitment and a sense of responsibility for our community are important to us.

Bornemann stands for a positive and powerful corporate culture characterised by diversity, openness and social responsibility.

Our production locations
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Together we at Bornemann are experts in individualization because we create a wide range of solutions for a wide range of requirements. Openness and collaboration are at the heart of how we work.

At Bornemann this meDans that we develop individual solutions together by involving everyone involved and approaching everyone with openness. Our strength lies in being creative and finding tailor-made answers to individual needs.

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