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BRN.EXPLORE by Bornemann - we have developed a software for you with which you can easily and inexpensively try out individual, digital products directly on the application. Digital clothing, accessories, furniture, etc. can be loaded into the programme and processed.

No sample costs, no long production times, no material input.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have when using the programme and to support you in the realisation of your own articles.

Discover all the advantages of BRN.EXPLORE at a glance:

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Playful development

Viewers become active participants

Simple and time saving

Elimination of physical sampling

Together and in real time

Product development directly and jointly

Simple Usebility

No complex and costly training necessary

Start content

Free 3D models and textures for testing

Data privacy

Communication from the start content runs exclusively via a server in Germany

Local and safe

Install locally on your computer


If you have any questions, we are here for you!

Add individual requirements for additionals

Digital trims that are stored in the program can then be applied to the garment, for example a shirt, in the first step: Woven labels, hangtags, badges, etc. These are digital twins of the Bornemann collection items. Optionally, of course, the customer's own label models can also be loaded.

Then it's time for individualization: size, color, material, texture can be changed and adapted by the user individually and directly "on site".

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Add individual requirements for additionals

No physical samples with BRN.EXPLORE


Many aspects only become apparent when viewed on the garment. BRN.EXPLORE eliminates the need for physical samples because you can see directly in the program how the label will look on the garment, piece of furniture or accessory.

This results in many benefits:

  • Product development in real time with direct "feedback"
  • More sustainable development through elimination of physical samples
  • Time saving due to immediate changes
  • Less correction loops
  • Ideas can be "just tried out"

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Presentation of 3D models in the digital showroom

There is the option of using a virtual showroom to present the results directly in the program. The showroom can be customized in the same way as the application examples and labels.

Presentation of 3D models in the digital showroom

Develop trims playfully

Customize labels individually and in real time. Get direct feedback on the product and make adjustments in parallel.

Develop directly on application examples and save time and material.

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