Hangtags: Much more than just labels

Hangtags are a crucial element of customer engagement for fashion brands. Because far beyond the information sewn into the garment or accessory about material, care instructions and country of origin, the tags reflect part of the brand world. No wonder, they immediately catch the eye, because they reflect quality, style and value of the brand through their material, perforation and fastening like no other label.

That’s why we at Bornemann have hangtags in a wide range of variations in our assortment: whether felt, wood, cardboard, fabric, metal, plastic, embroidered, flocked or punched – we offer customized, highly customized solutions and haptic experiences with swing tags.

Hangtags as an entrance door to the digital world

However, beyond branding and creating incentives to buy, hangtags have other functions now and in the future: Hangtags offer an ideal platform for communication, can convey additional information about the product, contribute to the identification of articles or identify their owners – think of Bagtags, for example. In short, hangtags interface with the digital world by transmitting relevant information via QR codes or NFC labels via smartphone or scanner.

The features of hangtags are huge. Here is a short overview:

  • QR codes on hangtags are able to convey further product and brand information and even link to store pages, combination possibilities with similar products or videos. QR codes on Bornemann labels work woven, printed, on plastic or even as a transfer.
  • They can convey information in the consumer’s native language – entering the digital brand world via the QR code, the consumer is presented with a choice of languages.
  • NFC labels can also be processed in hangtags. By reading out with a mobile device, contact data can be stored or a website can be called up, for example.
  • Hangtags with an RFID solution enable contactless storage and reading of data so that items can be identified and tracked. Whether individual parts or the contents of entire cartons or pallets: Inventory and logistics are enormously simplified by this clever technology. The transponders can even be read over a distance of several meters – direct visual contact is not even required. The electronic tags work even if the surface is dirty or icy.
  • By the way, in the spirit of greater sustainability, many hangtags from Bornemann Etiketten can be transformed into other useful items after their actual use: key rings, bookmarks, sachets for storing flower seeds and much more. In this way, a disposable item becomes an object with further functions and uses.
BRN Smart

From these many additional functions, we at Bornemann Etiketten use our BRN.SMART world to develop customized offers for customers who want to make targeted use of the many possibilities offered by hang tags. Production and use offer various implementation options. Together with you, we will find out what is the best solution for your specific application.