How the potato becomes a label

You would look good in a potato sack too….

Our current development of resource-saving product labeling puts this compliment in a new light! The article we’re talking about here proves once again that it pays to think “outside the box,” especially when it comes to a multifaceted topic like sustainability.

For our current collection, we have developed for you a print label whose basic material is based on potato and plant starch, and which is 100% organic and completely compostable (industrial and household compost). Originally, the quality is used for garbage bags and offers many positive properties:

Biodegradable and compostable
(certified according to DIN EN 13432, DIN EN 14995)
Waterproof and elastic
Antibacterial resistance
Low CO2 emissions during composting

Are you curious? Then simply get in touch with your contact person and learn more about sustainable solutions for your labeling. Indeed, in addition to potatoes, we also have apples, pineapples and cacti as basic materials in the program!