Our current brn must – have in august 2022

Carelabel „begreen“

What distinguishes the brn must-have in august 2022?

Variable print data is a science in itself: a wealth of information in different languages, legal regulations in different countries, production plants all over the world and, of course, the labels’ own brand requirements in terms of quality and design. There are literally a few variables in this equation.

In August, our brn must-have exemplifies the optimal solution to these challenges that every brand faces sooner or later. The extensive contents of the label are easily compiled in our product configurator, and the label layouts are available immediately after configuration. QR codes can be generated individually, and a centrally created database in advance means that production plants always have access to the latest and correct information.

You choose your desired quality from a variety of basic materials, sustainable materials as in the current example are also possible.

Short distances due to proximity to the producer, optimum utilization of the material through double-sided printing and automatic, efficient determination of space requirements ensure a high level of sustainability not only in the choice of material but also in the processing of orders.

Where did the inspiration come from in creating it?

Meeting the legal requirements for textile labeling is one thing, but we go a few steps further: via the QR code, the Carelabel becomes a smart label, individually tailored to your requirements:

  • Info about the product, the manufacturing process, the story behind the article.
  • Links to websites, to social media
  • or directly to the appropriate contact person.

We even offer you the option of a white label solution. This allows you, for example, to prepare the care and content information for the customer easily and individually, without having to work through several languages and material information.

Where can it be used in your business?

The label and the associated service of BRN.SHOP and BRN.SMART have countless applications. Starting from the classic care label up to your individual product with which you can inspire your customer.

Contact us and we will find the perfect solution for your needs!