Our current brn must – have in June 2023

Embroidery on felt (BV25_04)

Stick it to the competition – Embroidered labels pay off for your branding

Our current brn must-have stands for high-quality brand transport: the material combination expresses exclusivity and durability. The label’s design is inspired by traditional mandalas and conveys calm and balance as well as versatility and joie de vivre. In addition, the special embroidery style gives the label a natural, unusual texture that catches eyes and arouses interest.

What distinguishes the brn must-have in June 2023?

Embroidered labels are a great way to highlight the exclusivity and quality of your brand. They are particularly well suited for brands that want to make a statement with their branding: Embroidery labels are eye-catching, yet high quality and classy. The textile texture in the base and motif ensure the optimal interaction of label and garment, especially when natural fabrics such as linen or cotton are used in the garment.

Our label of the month shows a combination of felt in the base and a motif inspired by chenille embroidery. The novel implementation of this traditional chenille embroidery results in the innovative texture, further enhanced by the homogeneous color scheme. Although the embroidered area takes up a large part of the label, the label remains pleasantly soft and flexible, making it suitable for soft and flowing fabrics.

Both the embroidery thread and the basic material we supply of course also in recycled qualities. Embroidery labels in themselves are durable and resilient due to their high quality, and the environmentally friendly materials add another sustainable aspect to your labels.

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Where did the inspiration come from in creating it?

The label program around this label revolves around traditional mandalas.

Mandalas are fascinating works of art that have been revered for centuries in many cultures around the world. They are usually circular and consist of various geometric shapes and symbols arranged in a harmonious arrangement.

Mandalas can be interpreted in many ways, but generally they are seen as an expression of unity, wholeness, and spiritual meaning. They can be used as a tool for meditation and to promote relaxation and inner peace. Mandalas can also be seen as an expression of creative freedom and self-expression, as they are often drawn or painted by hand The combination of geometric shapes, line work and layers inspired our design and product development to create this colorful feel-good program. You can view all labels from the program on our trend platform BRN.IMPULSE. Click here to log in.

Where can it be used in your business?

Embroidery labels are universally applicable due to the large number of possible combinations. Our special brn must-have is suitable for outerwear and accessories in the HAKA, outdoor or even sports sector due to the natural, robust felt base and the concise structure.

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