Our current brn must – have in September 22

Hangtag “Tokyo”

What distinguishes the brn must-have in September 2022?

The eye will undoubtedly linger on this hangtag – The first thing that stands out here is definitely the size of 21 x 13 cm! Further proof that trailers are the optimal solution when it comes to presenting and transporting your brands and attracting your customer’s interest.

On the material side, the article is rather basic: a cardboard box printed on both sides with a die-cut TPU overlay, connected by a classic seam. The seal is made of a molded plastic. Again, the size stands out, as does the printed QR code. This is another crucial feature that makes the tag stand out: It is your ticket to a digital journey, the destination is defined by you and your brand. Tell your customer where the garment comes from, what your sustainability strategy is, or give travel tips for a trip to Tokyo, for example, to match the design of this pendant.

Where did the inspiration come from in creating it?

The hantag is part of our summer collection 2022. The inspiration was the metropolis of Tokyo with its impressive night skyline. In combination with graphic elements, different levels are created in the layout, which combine reality and virtuality. These contrasts are also reflected in the choice of materials:

Matte and glossy surfaces, cardboard and plastic films, silicone with different relief heights or even a 3D hologram label. You can get all labels of the program and many more ideas on our trend platform BRN.IMPULSE. Click here for the login request.

Where can it be used in your business?

Hangtags are a crucial element of customer engagement for fashion brands. They reflect a large part of the brand world. No wonder, they immediately catch the eye, because they show about their material, workmanship, attachment and function as hardly any other label: quality, style and value of the brand. When it comes to hangtags, we offer tactile experiences and customized, bespoke solutions.

The hangtags and also the associated service of BRN.SMART offers countless application possibilities. Contact us and we will find the perfect solution for your needs!