Our current brn must-have plastic label in july 2022.

The silicone label XXII BRN (article A3871)

What distinguishes the brn must-have plastic label in July 2022?

Plastic labels are true all-rounders in product labeling. Due to their versatility, they can be found in both workwear and outdoor areas, but are also excellent for swimwear and underwear. This silicone label with phosphorescent relief is a nice example of how surprise effects can be achieved with product labels: When it’s bright, the lettering “charges up”; when it gets dark, the motif glows in the selected color. For the glow-in-the-dark effect, you can choose between seven colors, including yellow, red, blue, orange. The ground is colored completely according to your wishes.

Where did the inspiration come from in creating for the brn must-have plastic label in July 2022?

The label comes from the summer collection 22. Inspired by the motto “Streetstyle meets Smart Utility Fashion”, the “Utalitarian” program exudes colorful, positive energy. The focus is on the bright colors and functionality of the items. The relief of the silicone label has a phosphorescent effect to keep you visible at night in the urban jungle.

In what context can the brn must-have plastic label be used with customers in July 2022?

This kind of labels are especially good for outdoor, sports, kidswear and promo items.

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