Our latest brn must have in August 2023

Biodegradable label made from corn fiber (A4151)

The must-have is an excellent choice for your labeling, because…

… it delivers 100%, three times over: 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% plant-based. Corn fibers and PLA are combined to make this material. This results in the felt-like, soft quality that can be given a high-quality finish by hot stamping. The embossing on the thick material (approx. 3 mm) results not only in an impressive relief, but also in a striking contrast of matt and glossy surfaces.

Where did the idea for the label come from?

The label is part of the fall/winter 24/25 collection and can be used in the sports/outdoor sector, among others. When we think about the future outdoor, we ask ourselves the question: on which terrains will we move? What demands will external conditions place on clothing and labeling? The trend of this collection program sees a regenerative, minimalist approach. Our must-have embodies this perfectly with its sustainable material and simple yet extraordinary finishing.

Why does your labeling make the difference?

Branding in general and labels in particular are an important part of your brand communication. They communicate your brand’s message and help customers make an informed buying decision. It’s not about printing your logo on a base material, it’s about creating your unique brand image. Branding ensures that you stand out from other brands and creates recognition. Labeling does this by telling a story tailored to your brand and building an emotional connection with your customer.

Tell us your story, and we’ll develop the right labeling to go with it!

On our digital collection platform BRN.IMPULSE you can find extensive inspiration. Our customer service will be happy to advise you on the development of your individual label program. Simply contact us here, or get in touch with your personal contact person directly.

We look forward to hearing from you!