Be green: Our sustainable solutions for textile labels

Sustainability is an important topic, especially when it comes to textiles: Were my clothes produced fairly? How durable is it? How much resources were consumed during production? We show solutions for textile labels.

We are taking this topic one step further: We are also focusing on the sustainability of product identification, i.e. labeling. This topic is not yet on the radar of many – we do!

Raw materials are scarce, so they must be used efficiently and reused wherever possible. As a company, we take responsibility – also in this respect. Not only do we use natural materials and renewable raw materials such as potato starch, coffee yarn, apples, pineapples and cacti in the production of our fabrics, we also use recycled materials such as recycled polyester yarns for woven labels or even for felt. Because we do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

Sustainability, creativity and innovation are always our top priorities, and our customers appreciate that. Resource-saving product labeling is something that many customers are now asking for – and rightly so. But sustainability is not just a question of the materials used, it plays a role in the entire product life cycle: What care do the fabrics require, do they need to be dry cleaned or can they tolerate machine washing? The temperature during the washing process also plays a role in the energy used and ultimately the CO₂ emissions.

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Sustainability in material selection, care and reusability

These are all arguments that play a role in the topic of sustainability in the textile industry – but that’s not all: the recyclability of textiles is also an essential aspect in finding sustainable solutions for textile labels. Has the garment eventually become obsolete, what else can you do with it? Does upcycling make sense? How often can the substance actually be used again and put to a new purpose? Questions we face. And to which we find answers.

We already focus on the use of sustainable materials and processes in the manufacture of our labels. The selection of sustainable textile labels from our production is diverse.

We rely on the following sustainable materials, among others, for textile label solutions:.

  • Woven label made of recycled polyester: Woven labels convince with their high quality, durability and flexible application possibilities. Our woven labels made from recycled polyester contribute to the environmentally conscious production of textiles.
  • Labels made of coffee yarn: coffee yarn stops odors, dries quickly, cools and protects against UV radiation more than cotton.
  • Sustainable cotton: Sustainable cotton is grown in a way that has minimal impact on the environment and creates a good livelihood for producers and workers.
  • FSC Jacron: Jacron labels are made from cellulose and are a vegan alternative to leather. Due to its very good wash resistance, even in stone-wash, this material scores particularly well for denim fabrics.

All these efforts show that we are on the right track in terms of sustainability. Labels made from renewable raw materials, recycling of materials wherever possible, and textile care that can be carried out using as little energy as possible – this is a mix that ensures resource efficiency and thus a reduction in CO₂ emissions.