Important info for all brands: change of labels necessary

It’s about a topic that affects us all: the new EU product safety regulation. Regulation EU2023/988 is intended to ensure that we can all purchase safer products in the future and that our consumer rights are strengthened. But what does this mean for manufacturers, importers and distributors?

Unlike an EU directive, a regulation is directly applicable – so no more long waiting for national implementations! And even if the transition period until December 2024 still allows some time, affected economic actors should already start thinking about how they can adapt their processes.

Such a change particularly alarms us as experts in product labeling. Because the new regulations for labeling products now require adding email addresses.So don’t act at the last moment, take action now. Because the time until the end of next year is not long, considering that by then the clothes must hang properly excellent in the store. To ensure that your Carelabel meets the new standards on time, simply contact us here and we’ll work together to make the necessary adjustments.

Would you like to know what other changes will result from the new regulation?
Explicit inclusion of online retailers and marketplaces, preparation and publication of risk assessments, an optimized complaints system and the appointment of a person responsible for product safety are the most important areas to be mentioned here. You can read the complete regulation here.