Our current brn must-have textile label in June 2022.

The woven label BRNSKI (Article BV 21 10)

What distinguishes the brn must-have textile label in June 2022?

The label from the field of textile labels combines many advantages of woven labels:

  • Soft feel
  • Detailed implementation of filigree motifs
  • Exciting structure on the surface due to the combination of matte and shiny yarns
  • Made in Germany
  • Produced from recycled polyester yarns
  • Certified according to OEKOTEX® Standard 100, Class 1, Annex 4

As you can see, woven labels can be produced in large sizes without any problems, as standard we can weave up to 200 mm wide. As a result, there is enough space here to communicate brand, product or material information via the label. The label is 100% Made in Germany. We design and develop our trend collections in Wuppertal, the realization takes place thanks to our global network worldwide, and as with this label in Wuppertal.

Where did the inspiration come from when creating for the brn must-have textile label in June 2022?

The trend program revolves around the subject of ski. For ski clothing, the label sizes can sometimes be “a little more”. The materials and garments often have special functions that require explanation: water-repellent, breathable, heat-retaining, etc., which must be presented via product labeling.

The use of thin yarns makes fine lettering and motifs possible.

In keeping with the sports theme, the jacket pictured on the label has a technical feel. The transparent yarn allows countless structures to be reproduced on the surface, playing with the combination of matte and shiny areas.

In what context can the brn must-have be used with the customer?

This kind of labels are especially suitable for outdoor, workwear or sports.

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