The Triman Logo

Current regulations for recycling textiles and footwear in France

The “Triman” recycling symbol has been in place in France since 2015. The goal of the logo is to make it easier for consumers to dispose of recyclable products.

Especially for textiles, clothing and shoes, there are current specifications since the beginning of 2022. What does this mean for online retailers exporting to France?
Below we provide a compact overview of the labeling requirements.

Nachhaltige Etiketten von Bornemann

Sustainable labels at Bornemann –

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Container, donation, return to store: various options at a glance.

The logo makes consumers aware that traditional disposal is not the only way to deal with used clothing or worn shoes. If possible, the signet also indicates non-profit organizations or the return of the part in the store.

In the case of sales in France only, there is even the possibility of explicitly informing the consumer of the option to donate:

Vos textiles et chaussures ont de l’avenir, donnez-les!
(Your textiles and shoes have a future, donate them!).

Since when does the logo exist and where is it anchored?

The logo has been around since 2015, and is enshrined in the French Environmental Code (Code de l’environment Art. L541-9-3).

Which product areas are affected by the Triman logo?

The labeling of the following products with the Triman logo is mandatory:

Packaging, textiles and footwear, furniture, tires, paper products, electrical appliances, batteries

How is the logo constructed?

The logo (Figure 1 in the image) consists of three areas: On the left is the actual logo. To the right of this is the so-called Infotri box, which contains the separation note and is headed with the country abbreviation “FR” (=applicable area France).

Lastly, the web address is listed, where there is further information on the subject of recycling.

For the clothing/textiles/shoes area, the corresponding product groups and storage locations must be shown in the box.

Product groups: Clothing (1) and/or textiles (2) and/or footwear (3).

Deposit locations: used clothing containers (mandatory) (4), organizations that accept the products as donations (5), stores that voluntarily take back the clothing (6).

Where must the logo be placed?

There are several options for companies here:

  • directly on the product
  • on the packaging
  • on the care label or a separate label,
  • on a hangtag,
  • on a sticker applied to product or packaging

When must the logo be used?

The labeling has been mandatory since January 01, 2022. There is a transition period until February 01, 2023, by which time all corresponding products must be equipped with the notice.

Further information on the Triman logo and its use can be found, for example, on the pages of