Trademark protection with holograms – how it works

If you are a fan of original brands and products, then you will love this item! Holograms are an individual and efficient way to protect products from counterfeiting and unauthorized access. In this article, you will learn how holograms work and why they are as individual as your brand.

The hologram is a visual element characterized by the combination of colors, textures and graphics. It is visually appealing and enhances any product with its uniqueness. Moreover, its reputation precedes it – hologram labels automatically suggest a sense of originality and value to the end consumer. Thereby the application possibilities of this kind of labels are manifold. They serve, for example:

  • the protection of trademarks
  • as a seal of authenticity
  • as a copy protection
  • as tamper protection
  • as a guarantee seal
  • as a hygiene seal
  • as proof of use, etc.

The various security features offer you, as the brand owner, a comprehensive solution along the entire product life cycle – from design to marketing to the end consumer. This makes hologram labels an ideal tool for the security of your brand and product.

How exactly do hologram labels work?

The mostly self-adhesive labels can have a variety of different features, which can also be combined well with each other.

A classic feature is the so-called flip effect, in which different image planes become visible by changing the viewing angle.

Similarly, the zoom effect is also created. Here, motifs become smaller or larger when the label is moved.

The animated designs also include the guilloches. These are curved patterns with fine lines. Wave and loop patterns are printed in different colors on top of each other, and the similarity of the colors used protects against imitation.

The application of consecutive numbering ensures the traceability of limited edition products.

In addition to the use of standard holograms available from stock, individualization with your own logo naturally offers the greatest possible protection. You can apply the logo, for example, by printing, laser engraving, in the form of micro or nano text.

An additional QR or barcode connects the physical branding with your digital services.

The selection of the right base material also plays a key role in the development of the labels. Built-in destruction mechanisms detect any unauthorized attempt to remove a hologram seal

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate design, talk to us about your individual requirements and we will find the best solution!

What makes hologram labels from Bornemann special?

Thanks to our broad product portfolio, new, innovative combination possibilities open up for you in the development of hologram labels. In combination with a high-quality woven label, for example, you can integrate the “functional security feature hologram” coherently and holistically into your brand statement concept. Or would you rather carry it via a fancy tag or faux leather label?

We are happy to assist you in the development of articles tailored to your needs. Here you can learn everything about our product worlds and find your personal contact for your questions and comments. Thanks to our digital product development, you have the opportunity to follow and help shape the steps of the development process in detail. Change requests can thus be implemented promptly, cost-effectively and sustainably.

Make your products unique with a custom hologram label and protect the reputation of your brand and your customers. We look forward to the exchange with you!