What information is a mandatory component of a digital product passport?

A consortium called „CIRPASS“ is currently working on the exact design of the product passport. This involves both the technical infrastructure and the information stored. The following points are expected to be mandatory:

Product identification (product name, model, manufacturer and serial or batch number)
Materials and ingredients (materials and ingredients used, including quantities and sources)
Manufacturing and traceability information (including the location of factories, production methods and supply chain traceability information covering the product’s journey from raw materials to the end consumer)
Environmental impact (data on the product’s carbon footprint, water consumption and other environmental impacts throughout its life cycle, from manufacture to disposal).
Safety and regulatory compliance information (details on compliance with various safety and environmental regulations, certifications and standards).
Recycling and disposal (instructions for responsible disposal or recycling of the product at the end of its life, including information on recyclable parts).

In addition, companies can use the product passport for further marketing purposes.